2019 Christmas Event – Destiny Children Lifebuilders

On December 21st 2019 the annual Christmas Party for the children was held at McDonalds Muntinlupa, where we started the event, by taking them to Tom’s world to enjoy playing with arcade games and collecting prizes , which for most of them, is their first time. Then for the highlight we proceeded to [...]

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Music and Arts Therapy at McDonalds

Many of the underprivileged Children we are reaching out have never been to a mall before, so on September 22, 2019 they had the chance to visit a mall called Evia and experienced playing in token operated toys before proceeding to McDonald for their meal time. This event is part of our holistic [...]

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Music and Arts Therapy at Jollibee

Every month, as part of our holistic program on Mentoring via Music and Arts Therapy, Destiny Lifebuilders holds Destiny Kids Got Talent program to help build self confidence and enhance positive personality traits of the children. The children are motivated to showcase their God given talents in Music and Arts. Last August 31, [...]

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Health and Sanitation – Water Containers

These children that we are reaching out do not have access to enough water supply which can cause risk to their health. On March 16, 2019, as a simple way of helping them, we prepared water containers and distributed it to the children's family to support their daily needs of clean drinking water. Special [...]

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Health and Sanitation – Toiletries

Impact of sanitation is very important especially to children. As part of holistic transformation, we teach them how to take care of their personal hygiene such as cleaning themselves with small amount of water  - using face towel with soap, brushing their teeth, washing their hands and clipping their nails. In relation to this, we [...]

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Annual Christmas Event – Destiny Children Lifebuilders

`The Annual Christmas Event for Destiny Children Lifebuilders was successfully held last December 15, 2017/2018-Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon. The preparation for food and gifts was prepared for 150 children. As most of them never receive presents, so seeing all the food and gifts prepared made all the children excited and went [...]

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Christmas Party Preparation – Ecobag Printing

PREPARING FOR THE BIG EVENT - Christmas Celebration of Destiny Children Lifebuilders (Dec.15,2018-Sat. @ 3pm. Venue: Destiny Arise Church, Muntinlupa City). * Printing Eco Bag to fill in with Rice, Goods, Gifts for our precious children. #underprivilegedchildren #childrenofprisoners #buildingthenextgeneration #touchingGodchanginglives #thereishope

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